11 Top Tips to Save Money

Energy prices are on the up, transport costs are at an all-time high and the food shop just seems to becoming more and more expensive. So, what can we do to cut down on costs and increase our bank balance? Well, these money saving tips just might be the answer.

1. Compare Supermarket Prices

It’s only natural you’d find it easier to head to your local supermarket for your shopping, but this could cost you more money than you need to spend. By going to a competitor, you could discover fantastic bargains that beat your local shop. One way to ensure you receive the best deals is to write a shopping list, browse online at each store’s deals and either order them over the internet or head there yourself. So, next time you need to go shopping, think about whether that extra bus journey could save you a significant amount of cash.

2. Late Deals

Everyone loves a good holiday. Whether you like nothing more than a beach abroad, a caravan park in Wales or sitting under the Aurora Borealis in Iceland, you can trust there’ll be a late deal on offer for you. By securing a late deal a few days before or on the day of your trip, you could potentially save hundreds of pounds. So, put off booking in advance and see what offers are to be had close to your holiday.


3. Buy Used Over New

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have nice things. While most people love new items, you’d be surprised at the quality of used goods – and they’re a fantastic way to save money. So, next time you need a new DVD or game, head to your local second-hand technology store. Looking for a new TV? Try websites such as ebay.co.uk for a superb deal.

4. Debt Management Services

It’s surprising how many people suffer in silence when faced with debt problems, when there is a simple solution that could eliminate a person’s worries: debt management services. Debt can cause severe depression and stress to a person when it’s not necessary. A professional, experienced debt management company can take care of your debt problems so you can pay back the amount in smaller, more manageable amounts. So, don’t sit there at home panicking, do something about it and approach a debt management company today.

5. Sell Your Items

As stated earlier, websites like ebay.co.uk are a great place for used products, so why not sell your unwanted items here, too? Everyone has unwanted junk littering their homes when they could make a fantastic amount of money just by selling them on. Take a look at your old books, DVDs, ornaments or even Christmas decorations. Have you got an old bed that’s just sitting in a spare bedroom? Sell it. Got an old treadmill that’s just gathering dust? Send it to a good home.

6. Discount Codes

We all like a good bargain, don’t we? There is plethora of discount code sites that can ensure you get one. Buying online is easier than ever, and voucher codes make the process even simpler and more enjoyable. So, don’t pay full whack for a new washing machine or those nice pair of shoes, check out the promotional deals available online to see how much you can save.

7. Insurance

Most people are put off from the idea of paying weekly or monthly fees for insurance, when they really can be a great investment. While no-one likes to think about their homes being burgled, their fridge freezer breaking down or suffering from a serious or terminal illness, unfortunately these things can happen, and they can end up costing you a lot of money when they do. Insurance offers some peace of mind that you’re protected should the worst happen, and the small fee each month will ensure you’re not left with the burden of a heavy bill. Browse the market for the best home, contents, appliance, dental, critical and life insurance plans on the market. Having good insurance really helps when or if you ever need to make a claim. Steinberg Goodman & Kalish are a reputable firm who could help you through this process!

8. Switch Energy Suppliers

Energy prices are at a record high at the moment, and the rates are only going to go up in the future; therefore, you should consider changing energy providers to save yourself a good sum of cash. Compare your energy package against a competitor and see whether it’s worth switching over to a new supplier. You can switch providers at the click of the button and it could potentially save you hundreds of pounds a year.

9. Consider a Water Metre

Water metres are a great way to keep track of your expenditure in the home. While they’re not recommended for large families in big homes, they’re great for places that only house one or two people. The metre only charges you for the water you use, so you won’t be tied to a fixed monthly charge.

10. Quit Smoking

If you’re a smoker then you’re probably tired of hearing people tell you to pack in the fags, but you really should. On top of the many health benefits, giving up cigarettes can save you a whopping amount of money that can be used towards a new holiday or car – yes, the savings are that much. So, if you want thousands of pounds in your bank then quit today and watch the money roll in.