Rate War Predicted for Fourth Quarter

At last there is some good news for debt-ridden British consumers: instead of the expected increase in mortgage rates, about which we have written repeatedly in the past, the rates might actually be heading down in the near future. The news comes after a survey by the Bank of England released a few days ago […]

Expensive Bills and Mortgages Prevent Britons from Becoming Homeowners

A new study reveals that nearly 25% of tenants now have no other choice but to spend half or more of their income on rent. The study also found that 30% of tenants consider their rent bills to be unaffordable. SpareRoom.co.uk, who conducted the study, also discovered that nearly 20% of tenants never expect to […]

Problem Debt Costs the UK £8 Billion Per Year

StepChange, a national debt charity, has carried out extensive research on the cost of what it calls ‘problem debt’ – and the results are quite astounding. After studying the files of more than 100,000 of its clients, it calculated that the total cost to the UK taxpayer is in the reign of £8.3 billion per year. […]

Consumer Confidence Remains Weak Despite Strong Economic Growth

According to forecasts by the Bank of England, the British economy is likely to grow by a very healthy 3.5% in 2014. If this figure does materialise it will be the highest growth rate the country has experienced in the last ten years. However, the average British consumer is not sharing the much publicised euphoria […]

Debt Management and Collection Qualification Available

Personal debt mismanagement is a growing problem in the UK often affecting individuals who can ill afford to get it wrong. Last year consumer debt in the country increased to a staggering £1.43 trillion! This is one of the reasons why the FCA decided to take over responsibility for the regulation of personal debt. This […]

Man looking worried about debt

House sales in the UK are set to rise

According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ house sales in the UK are set to rise. The next three months are looking positive for the UK housing market. Rics have predicted a rise in UK house sales and have put this down to the support for mortgage lending. In recent months the Bank of […]

Man claiming back PPI

Are PPI claims likely to end in 2014?

Banks in Britain are currently trying to lobby the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to impose a deadline on customers making claims for compensation after being mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI). So, are PPI claims likely to end in 2014 as the banks want them to? If so, what should you do? The proposed PPI deadline […]