Is Now the Time to Buy Crypto?

There is an up-and-down in the cryptocurrency markets, which varies greatly depending on what particular cryptos you are buying. Timing your crypto purchase can be difficult, if not treacherous, thing to try because there are all kinds of elements going into a coins price. For instance, how much will ethereum be worth in 2030? The prices of cryptocurrency are volatile; some may crash, others can be fraudulent, and sometimes a single coin may rise in value and provide investors with a profit.

As cryptocurrency prices become more predictable, the probability that cryptocurrency will be used as a medium for commerce instead of simply as a store of value could rise, ironically possibly making its market value hit levels not seen before. It is possible that cryptocurrency, especially established coins such as bitcoin, will start seeing sustained gains seen throughout the stock market, as cryptocurrency begins being traded by the very companies who have made it a career of providing their customers with steady returns. We can speculate about the value crypto could hold for investors over the coming months and years (and plenty of people will), but the reality is it is still a new, speculative investment with little history on which to base predictions.

Bitcoin has seen significant declines over the last several months Bitcoin has been active, and that has caused investors eager for an exit, creating a tilt towards new and interested buyers of this crypto. The cryptocurrency market crash is impacting all the big and small crypto coins; Bitcoin, especially, has been experiencing significant damage to its market value. Market-leading cryptos like Bitcoin are down over 70% since their highs last November.

Bitcoin once traded at nearly $69,000 apiece, but Bitcoins recent fall from grace began as early as May, when it fell below a psychological floor of $20k, as the wider cryptocurrency market crashed. So what does the future look like? What about dogecoin in 2025? Coupled with a crypto winter, which has been driving cryptocurrency prices lower since last spring, the market is fraught with uncertainty and lower consumer confidence. Even leaders in the cryptocurrency sector are warning investors not to buy into the drop.

With the cryptocurrency prices at such a low point, this may appear like an ideal time to make an investment as new buyers, following industry figures such as Microstrategy’s Michael Sailor and Tesla’s Elon Musk, have popularised a crypto “buy the dip” trend this year. Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Gensler recently hinted investors might soon get access to cryptocurrency ETFs, which would be a new, more mainstream way of investing in cryptocurrencies.

Most recently, one of the U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchanges announced it planned to purchase competing exchange, Ftx Trading – then pulled out after 24 hours – sending shockwaves across the investing world, as concerned investors pulled out of their crypto funds and caused the rival exchanges to crash. The biggest fall among top 100 cryptos was Solana, falling 49%, because one of Solana’s biggest holders was Alameda Research, an investment firm run by Sam Bankman-Fried, head of FTX Exchange itself.