Saving money on home décor

We are entering a challenging period where our money may not go as far as it did before. Our mortgages are rising, energy bills are rising, and the cost of everyday items seems to be rocketing. Therefore, when it comes to decorating our home, we are likely going to need to make some compromises and save money.

There is no need to compromise the look of your home while saving money, as there are many tips and tricks to be thrifty while stylish.

Don’t underestimate the value of a good can of paint

While we might think a room needs a revamp, you can freshen up a space with a coat of paint. You might decide on a new tone or invest in a statement wall. Whatever your choice, buying some paint can reinvigorate a room without having to pay too much. You might not even have to paint a whole wall. Painting a border around doors or other period features can add a powerful statement to your home.

You do not have to buy expensive paints to get this look. If you find a colour you like in the more expensive, branded colours, you can go to a local DIY store and get this made up for much cheaper. Equally, look in the clearance bin of last season’s colours. Fads are likely precisely the finish you were looking for, and your arrangement of furniture and soft furnishings will add glamour.

Use your photography 

A home is made a home thanks to the people who live in it. Therefore, what better way to bring a wall alive than with a gallery of photographs of your loved ones? Using frames and images of different shapes and sizes can add a personal feature to your home. Rather than invest in expensive art, you can use pictures that matter to you to have an emotional impact.

Add some greenery

Plants are an excellent addition to home décor and do not have to cost a significant amount. These plants not only add beauty but also purify the air in your rooms and offer a calming feature to help you relax in your home. 

You can turn these plants into a feature in your home by putting up a bar and hanging different plants along one wall. This wall of plants will be dramatic and timeless with a simple painted wall as a backdrop. 

Update the soft furnishing and small details

Rather than considering a significant furniture change, you can change the cushions. A well-worn sofa or armchair can be brought alive again with some purchases from the local bargain DIY store. Equally, getting some old wallpaper remnants for the panels of old cupboards could give them a new life.

In your kitchen, you can bring cupboards back to life with a simple change of handles. You can give a whole new look to your space with this one easy adaptation.

Move your furniture around

You might not have to spend any money to get a change of look in your home. To refresh your impression of your home, you may only need to move the sofa or change where the coffee table sits.

Also, if you have furniture stored away or in rarely used rooms, you can cycle these around so it feels like you have a new look in your home.

Look after your tools.

A final way to save money is to ensure your decorating tools’ longevity so they can be used repeatedly. Decorating becomes expensive when we must buy the paraphernalia yet again. We have all been frustrated when we come back to stiff paint brushes, and the individual bristles are glued together. 

Cleaning products after using oil-based paints require paint thinner or solvent-based cleaners. Water-based paints are easier to clean and can be doused in warm water and mild soap suds.  Cleaning your roller needs to be done straight after the job is done. Wet and spin the roller and let the water flow for a few minutes. There is absolutely no reason to throw this equipment away and waste that money.


Times are tough, and the cost of living crisis can make us feel that simple pleasures are too expensive. With these hints and tips, you can still have some of these pleasures in your home.