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10 Silliest Lottery Winners in History

Most of us have dreamt of winning the lottery. Many would buy or upgrade their home, invest in a new car or maybe take a few expensive holidays abroad. Heck, we would even probably go on the odd crazy shopping spree every once in a while – all the while knowing that there is an […]

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The Ultimate Money Management Guide

Introduction Our aim is to help you effectively manage your money to improve your finances to help you steer clear of debt. This guide is therefore packed full of informative tips to help boost your bank balance. Who is the Guide for? Our Money Management Guide is for everyone. Whether you are struggling to manage […]

One More Reason Why Britons are Sliding into Debt

What would happen to a nation if its citizens were to gradually earn less instead of more? A logical answer to that question would be that they would eventually succumb to debt and that many of them will in the end face bankruptcy. The sad reality is that we are not talking about a theoretical […]

Tenants Have Less Protection Against Financial Disasters

New research by insurance firm Aviva reveals that many of the seven million people in the UK who are currently renting a property are more vulnerable to debt problems should they suffer a sudden and unexpected loss of earnings or incur unforeseen expenditure. The study revealed that, while 13% of those living in a home […]

Insurer Highlights Increasing Debt Levels Among Individuals Over 55

In a recent article we reported on research carried out by the British charity StepChange, which showed that problem debt is costing the UK in the region of £8.3 billion a year. Traditionally, debt has been a much bigger problem in the under-40 age group, but a new study recently revealed that debt among the […]

Two More Reasons Why Many Britons are Slipping into Debt

Ever wondered why your pay cheque is simply not going as far as it used to and why you are trapped in a spiral of debt? The reason might not be financial mismanagement as many experts claim. According to a new study by the consumer group Which?, we are currently paying £410 per year more […]

Chorley Residents have 4th Highest Per Capita Personal Debt in the UK

Although the latest figures about per capita personal loan debt in the Chorley region do not cover all building societies and banks, they are nevertheless quite worrying. Data compiled by the Council of Mortgage Lenders and the British Bankers’ Association shows that the average resident of Chorley has a personal loan debt of more than […]

Housing Costs Eating Away at Disposable Income

If you ever wonder why you still haven’t figured how to get out of debt after so many years a new study might have the answer: it’s simply because average weekly wages have failed to keep pace with the rising cost of living. Almost everything we buy has suffered from price hikes due to inflation […]

New Tax-Free Pensions Could be Disastrous

A brilliant move that could help to stimulate the sluggish British economy or a mis-selling scandal in the making? The government’s decision to open up pension funds for people over 55 next year so they can withdraw cash from their fund (partly tax free) has elicited mixed responses from industry experts. Tom McPhail of Hargreaves […]

Problem Debt Costs the UK £8 Billion Per Year

StepChange, a national debt charity, has carried out extensive research on the cost of what it calls ‘problem debt’ – and the results are quite astounding. After studying the files of more than 100,000 of its clients, it calculated that the total cost to the UK taxpayer is in the reign of £8.3 billion per year. […]