The Growing Use of Technology in Manufacturing

Advancements in technology are quickly changing the landscape of virtually every industry, especially that of manufacturing. Modern advances are enabling factory operators to streamline production processes, innovate at a faster pace than ever before, and deliver higher quality products to meet changing demands. Because of the versatility of these technologies, there are a number of areas within manufacturing where the tech is being harnessed.

One example is additive manufacturing – more commonly known as 3-D printing – has a variety of applications in the world of manufacturing. As it becomes increasingly affordable, factory managers are using it in their production cycles to produce high quality components, while keeping costs down. The ability of 3-D printing’s customization is one-of-a-kind.

Another area that is having a tremendous impact on manufacturers is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). With IoT tech, machinery and devices can “talk” to each other in real time and adjust accordingly. If a problem arises with a device, other equipment on the network are informed and react based on the situation. This means decreased downtime, less waste and lower costs while keeping quality and output high.

For more examples of technological implementations in the industry of manufacturing, continue reading the graphic below!